Month: May 2020

Five Things

[Sandwiches in the backyard with my mum] Quarantine week 11, now complete. Some things are starting to open back up, you can go shopping at the mall by appointment and other weird things. Currently, there is a lot of negativity going on and it\’s… Continue Reading “Five Things”

5 Time Management Tips for Online Real Estate Education Courses

[this is a sponsored post] Pandemic have you down? Maybe you\’ve lost your job, or your spouse lost theirs, maybe you are looking for something to keep your mind off things or just make a little extra cash. Now is the perfect time to… Continue Reading “5 Time Management Tips for Online Real Estate Education Courses”

9 Hiking Etiquette Tips

Being in nature is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I get to spend my time out on the trails. Popular trails are becoming more crowded then they ever have before, and unknown trails are being discovered. With more people getting… Continue Reading “9 Hiking Etiquette Tips”

Campfire Apple Pie

Whether I am having a bonfire in the backyard or camping in the wilderness campfire pies have easily become my favorite. Pie irons are easy to heat over the campfire and make meal clean up quick and easy. If you do not have a campfire… Continue Reading “Campfire Apple Pie”

Safe and Solo Summer: 5 Things to do in Fort Wayne, Indidna

Whether you’re looking for a day trip or weekend getaway this summer, why not check out Fort Wayne Indiana? Fort Wayne is centrally located just a few hours from Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Milwaukee and offers plenty… Continue Reading “Safe and Solo Summer: 5 Things to do in Fort Wayne, Indidna”