Month: March 2019

Spring 2019 Beauty Trends

this is a sponsored post Temperatures are on the rise here in Michigan… I actually think spring might be here (watch it\’ll snow tomorrow), earlier than it typically is. With that being said I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to have a… Continue Reading “Spring 2019 Beauty Trends”

2019 Spring Activities List

Birds have made their way back to the mitten state and the official start of spring is here. With a new season comes a new list of things I want to do, and of course, I am sharing that list with you. Without further… Continue Reading “2019 Spring Activities List”

How to: Overcome Gym Intimidation

Let’s be honest for a moment, the gym can be a frightening place. Gyms are filled with complicated contraptions promising to build muscles we didn’t even know we had. With gym bros and fitness fanatics knowing exactly what they are doing and dominating every… Continue Reading “How to: Overcome Gym Intimidation”

Le Detroit Macaron

When someone asks me what my favorite sweet treat is, my answer is always macarons. French macarons are small round thin meringue-like cookies that are sandwiched together with some kind of filling. The meringue is what makes these cookies unique. They have a smooth,… Continue Reading “Le Detroit Macaron”

Small Aspirations

On March 7th, my best friend Brian lost his battle with cancer and passed away. Brian and I had been friends for twenty plus years, and throughout that time he dealt a lot with my confidence issues. He worked hard to make me see… Continue Reading “Small Aspirations”