Personal Injury

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You never know when an accident is going to happen, I mean they are accidents so it’s not like they’re something you can plan for. Personal injuries can range from auto accidents to dog bites and Hunter Law,P.A. is there for you. So let’s take a moment to talk about some personal injury accidents and what you should be doing.

Car Accidents
What to do at the site of the collision
1. Always call for help, and report the accident.
2. Allow emergency responders to inspect you, before attempting to leave your vehicle.
3. Collect as much information as you can from the crash site.
4. Get the insurance information from the other driver.
5. Get the other drivers license plate number.
6. Take photos from all angles.
7. Contact your insurer.
8. Schedule a medical examination, but all injuries are apparent during the time of the accident (head, neck and spinal injuries usually do not show up right away).

Boating accidents
My boyfriend has a boat, and since I can’t swim he’s worried about having me on the boat and something happening. Me I personally don’t live in the “what if” moment, I live in the actual moment – therefore I’m the one that doesn’t think of what can happen on the water. If it floats there is the potential for something to go wrong from jet skis and yachts to fishing boats and kayaks. Boat operators can be negligent, not to mention drink too much in the hot sun and put their passengers and others in danger. That’s why it’s always important to know of a good personal injury lawyer for those “what if” moments.

Uber accidents
Let’s face it at one time or another we have all used the Uber app, it’s the easiest way to get around – but what happens when your safe ride becomes a not so safe ride? Uber drivers are not immune to the dangerous of the road and have been involved in vehicle and roadside collisions that have injured their passengers or other drivers.  What to know, the Uber may attempt to contact you after the accident, or the driver involved may have you talk to an Uber rep immediately. Provide them with contact information only, do not answer any questions they have about the accident until you have medial attention and spoken to your attorney. Hunter Law, a great place to start if you have an Uber accident claim to make.

Dog Bites
Is this a fear of anyone else’s? I especially have a fear of being bit when I am walking Jackers. Here is what to ask.
1. Who owns the dog?
2. Does the owner have a history of ignoring the dogs and following it to escape and roam free?
3. Was the dog under supervision?
4. Was the dog known by any neighbors to be aggressive?
5. Has the Dog attacked in the past?
6. Is the dog up on it’s shots?

Accidents happen everyday, will you be prepared in the event of an accident?

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