Month: May 2018

Restaurant Review: Windmill Restaurant

  If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram you already know that I hardly ever eat at a chain restaurant… especially when I am out of town. A couple weekends ago I went up to Holland, Michigan to check out the tulips and… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Windmill Restaurant”

Workout Braids

[all pictures found on Pinterest] I have noticed that I need to wear a braid in my hair when I workout. Having my hair braided actually makes my workout better. With a braid I am not worried about my ponytail swinging in my face,… Continue Reading “Workout Braids”

Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

 [photos from Pinterest] Today’s PSA – go see I Feel Pretty immediately! This movie is every insecurity any girl has ever lived, and what pushing it aside and having a ridiculous amount of confidence can do. I Feel Pretty is the must-see movie before… Continue Reading “Movie Review: I Feel Pretty”

Restaurant Review: Jolly Pumpkin

You know my boyfriend and I are foodies, and love Detroit… so where did we eat this week in Detroit – Jolly Pumpkin. Aside from the JollyPumpkin having great brews (or so I’ve heard – I don’t drink), they have some delicious food like… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Jolly Pumpkin”

Kroger Prep + Pared: Jerk Chicken

  Life gets busy, and that’s why meal-kit companies such as Hello Fresh are becoming the new way to eat. I have considered them before, but between the price and worry of freshness I never jumped onto the bandwagon. If you have been following… Continue Reading “Kroger Prep + Pared: Jerk Chicken”