Five Things

 {walking my kid with his kid to try and get them used to each other}

TGIF! What a week it’s been! Last Friday started with the boy actually having a legit house fire call (that doesn’t happen often in the small city he is a volunteer firefighter in) – thankfully everyone including the firefighters were all safe. The weekend presented a lot of fun and the week presented a different tone when I had to take Jackers to an emergency vet appointment – he has a soft tissue back injury (thank goodness it was nothing major), and we are on two weeks of this wild one not being able to do any activities. On a happy note….February is almost here which means Valentine’s Day (my faaaavvvv)!! Here’s some pictures from the past week:

{Harsens Island Adventure}

{Someone is loving his new Planet Dog toy}

{I tried skiing for the first time}

 {Poor pup is in so much pain with a soft tissue back injury}

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