Month: September 2016

What\’s Poppin?

One of my favorite healthy snacks is a bowl of popcorn. Popcorn is a natural, whole grain food that is low in calories and fat – which makes it perfect for a healthy lifestyle. JOLLY TIME Pop Corn has a variety of ‘Healthy Pop’… Continue Reading “What\’s Poppin?”

Giddy Up – Horse Racing

  Place your bets! I recently ran a 5k at the Hazel Park Raceway, which of course led me to wanting to go watch a horse race. Since temperatures are dipping low this is the last weekend for the raceway, therefore I made sure… Continue Reading “Giddy Up – Horse Racing”

Caramel Apple Lollipop

Caramel apple lollipops are a delicious twist on a classic fall favorite, and easier to enjoy at get-togethers than traditional caramel apples are. Caramel Apple LollipopsIngredients: ApplesLollipop sticksMelting chocolateCaramel Directions: 1. Wash your apple.2. Slice you apple to ¾ inch thick to make sure… Continue Reading “Caramel Apple Lollipop”

Night Nation Run

  Fall is my favorite time of the year to run races, especially when they involve themes (chocolate, music, color…etc). A couple weekends ago my BFF and I ran the world’s first musical 5k – The Night NationRun, and let me tell you… it… Continue Reading “Night Nation Run”

Fall Bucket List

Fall has officially arrived, and with the evenings starting to get cooler my fall bucket list is in full swing. Some of these are yearly traditions that I love, while others would be new experiences. What fall activities are you looking forward to? Go… Continue Reading “Fall Bucket List”