Month: July 2015

Single Girl Habits You Shouldn\’t Give Up

A budding relationship is no excuse to abandon single-girl habits that make you happy, keep you san and make you well you. 1. Chopping your hair: Sure your man will probably miss your long tresses, but the thing about hair…. it grows back. 2.… Continue Reading “Single Girl Habits You Shouldn\’t Give Up”

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Over the weekend I was invited to a BBQ and asked if I could bring dessert. It posed the perfect opportunity for me to try a recipe for vegan cookies. The recipe is super versatile you can use it as a base for a… Continue Reading “Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Summer Road Trip Play List

My BFF and I both found ourselves single this summer and instead of searching for “love” we decided to embark on epic summer adventures. We also create a super versatile mix filled with different genres and decades to keep things interesting and I just… Continue Reading “Summer Road Trip Play List”

10 Lessons Guys Learn From A Girl Who Loves Her Dog

Guys should know that they’ve hit the jackpot when they date a girl that loves her dog. She’s energetic, friendly, loyal and playful just like her furry counterpart. However they may realize they have some four-pawed competition for ruv. 1. She often shares her… Continue Reading “10 Lessons Guys Learn From A Girl Who Loves Her Dog”

25 Fun Summer Date Ideas

Take advantage of the warmer temperatures by taking dates outside. So grab your summer fling and try these outdoor date ideas. 1. Play bocce ball2. Ride a ferris wheel3. Go mini golfing 4. Check out an outdoor movie5. Hit the river and paddle board6.… Continue Reading “25 Fun Summer Date Ideas”