Month: November 2014

Thanksgiving Break

For the first time in – well a very long time I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family. Therefore, I am taking the week off from blogging and will return Monday, December 1st with a week full of can\’t miss gift guides for… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Break”

Single For The Holidays

It’s officially four days before Thanksgiving, and my “man of the house” is still a 4-legged, tail-wagging Yorkie, so unless Prince Charming swoops in before Thursday, it looks like I will be single for the holidays. First of all, I feel like I should… Continue Reading “Single For The Holidays”

7 Thanksgiving Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your pet by watching closely when you prepare foods that may include these items. 1. Nutmeg2. Nuts (specifically walnuts and macadamia)3. Turkey Skin4. Cooked bones5. Onions and Garlic6. Alcohol7. Sage

Exploring New Ground

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Ahnu All thoughts and opinions are my own. No matter what the season is I love adventuring and that’s why I was so excited to receive the Ahnu Sugar Bowl hiking boots to… Continue Reading “Exploring New Ground”

5 Reasons To Say Yes To A Date You\’re Unsure About

{This cutesy scene is courtesy of an awkward coffee date this week} Wouldn’t it be nice if only the men of our dreams asked us out? In reality, you won’t be sure about every guy who asks you out, but here are five reasons… Continue Reading “5 Reasons To Say Yes To A Date You\’re Unsure About”