Month: April 2014

Cucumber and Raspberry Detox Water

Lately I have been trying out a variety of different workout classes and recently went to a hot yoga class. Afterwards they had a variety of detox/ spa water available. I have made spa water before, but never thought about adding cucumber and the… Continue Reading “Cucumber and Raspberry Detox Water”

GIVEAWAY: Fortune and Frame Necklaces

Fortune & Frame is a New York City-base line of jewelry, frames and other things that hold fortunes. The pieces are light hearted, and come with an original fortune. I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to partner with Fortune & Frame… Continue Reading “GIVEAWAY: Fortune and Frame Necklaces”

DIY: Mud Mitt

Jack\’s feet get ridiculously dirty in the spring, especially after multiple rainy days. So I came up with a quick and easy solution – The Mud Mitt.  Materials• Hand Towel or dish towel • Ribbon• Sewing Machine (you could hand sew if you wanted)•… Continue Reading “DIY: Mud Mitt”

Grape Salad

I attended a garden party this weekend and one of the desserts was grape salad. It was so good I got the recipe and made it for Easter and now it\’s easily become my favorite go-to dessert. Definitely would make a good summer bbq… Continue Reading “Grape Salad”

Diagonal French Manicure

The diagonal french manicure is a chic and fun look that is so simple to create. I polished on a base coat, followed by two coats of Zoya \’Cole\’, then swiped on a diagonal coat of Jessica Cosmetics \’Ocean Bloom\’ and lastly a top… Continue Reading “Diagonal French Manicure”