Month: April 2013

Chocolate Ombré

Ombré is all the rage right now from fashion to hair you’ll find it everywhere. This past weekend was cold and damp; ideal weather for experimenting in the kitchen. I made a devils food cake, frosted it in a crumb coat and used a… Continue Reading “Chocolate Ombré”

Spring Salad

During the cooler months I am more inclined to gravitate towards comfort foods, instead of produce. I find winters produce to not only be pricy, but on the bland side. Now that spring has arrived (it was 57 yesterday) I am back on my… Continue Reading “Spring Salad”

Doggy Discoveries

When it comes to dog products I am completely out of the loop. Jack is my first pet, and therefore I don’t know a lot of pet brands. So I spend a lot of time online reading reviews, searching and researching. I have discovered… Continue Reading “Doggy Discoveries”

Five Things

{I splurged on Peonies this week}  {Dahlia inspired birthday cake from my mum}  {Chicly folded napkin at a dinner party}  {Jack getting into his Easter basket… he ended up with three} {Decisions, decisions}

Single Serving Cookie

Sometimes you just have a cookie craving, but a few dozen cookies just isn’t logical to make all the time. That’s when my perfect single serving cookie was born. Below you will find the base recipe for a single serving cookie that can be… Continue Reading “Single Serving Cookie”