Weekend Indulgence

 {afternoon games of croquet}
This past week has been just as indulgent as I had hoped for.  Here are a few pictures of what my holiday week looked like. Filled with backyard games, summery sweets made from the freshest ingredients and campfire dinners.

 {hobie pies over an open flame}
 {fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade with strawberry + lemon ice}
 {caramelized barbeque ribs}
 {Faygo rootbeer float with Hudsonville french vanilla ice cream}
{fresh strawberries from Blake\’s make the sweetest pies}

16 Comments on “Weekend Indulgence

  1. Yummy lemonade, you and your husband can go to the movies. You go see Magic Mike and he can see Ted. lol


  2. Oh gosh, I'm hungry as can be after working out and all I can see is that PIE!!! Going to make a bowl of berries to feel like I'm getting something close to that sweet dessert….yum! Looks like you had a blast of a holiday!


  3. OK, this post has made me want to eat my lunch right now…except I don't want a salad for some reason…:-) Hope you had a great weekend and that your mouth is on the mend. :-)Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


  4. such a great idea, i love the strawberry lemonade. looks yummy! My friend just ordered that a few days ago at a cafe we went to.. it was yummy!


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