Month: April 2012

Homemade Soft Pretzels

Baseball’s opening day was this past Thursday. Since I could not be at Comerica Park watching the Tigers sweep the Red Sox, I decided to make my favorite ball park snack: soft pretzels. Don’t be intimidated by the recipe. These pretzels are simple to… Continue Reading “Homemade Soft Pretzels”

Lemon Sorbet

  let\’s go shopping: 1/2/3/4/5 While in Washington, DC I saw a wide variety of tulips, but there was one color/breed that particularly caught my attention. This lemon sorbet colored tulip with unraveled edges really encouraged me to rethink some pieces in my spring… Continue Reading “Lemon Sorbet”

Five Things

{tiptoeing through the tulips in DC} Happy Friday! My week consisted of spending lots of time in the kitchen prepping for an intimate Easter brunch on Sunday. Have a Happy Easter!!! xoWhat are your plans for Easter this year? PS a lot of you have… Continue Reading “Five Things”

50 Calorie Cupcake

Every year for Easter I have a dessert buffet table. I try to make sure I have one dessert that is low in calories. This year I made angel food cupcakes topped with a pineapple pudding frosting. These cupcakes are so addicting I think… Continue Reading “50 Calorie Cupcake”

DIY Spring Accent

This year I wanted to go for a more whimsical approach when it came to my Easter décor.  I attached a small styrofoam ball to a styrofoam egg, and hot glued tiny silk flowers onto the “chick shape” to resemble fluffy feathers. I added… Continue Reading “DIY Spring Accent”