Month: April 2012

Individual (skinny) Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is a classic part of brunch in my family. My mum always made traditional monkey bread. While it always looked and tasted fabulous, it was definitely a mess. When I started to host brunches I wanted to keep the tradition of monkey… Continue Reading “Individual (skinny) Monkey Bread”

Springtime Dream

A springtime dream; pretty polish and fabulous flowers. I instantly fell in love with the Zoya summer collection; beach(featured above) and surf as soon as I saw it. Each of the colors reminded me of warmer days and luscious flowers from my parents backyard… Continue Reading “Springtime Dream”

Five Things

 {spa water: strawberries, blueberries and mint leaves} This week has not felt like spring. On Wednesday, it actually snowed. Thankfully, it didn’t stick. I refused to let this weather get me down, and continued to surround myself in the quintessential colors of spring. Here… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Scalloped Edge

let\’s go shopping: 1/2/3/4/5 I have never been a fan of shorts, they just are not girly enough for me – that is until now. The simple scallop edge added to shorts presents the perfect amount of femininity. Not to mention if you have… Continue Reading “Scalloped Edge”

Update Your Space Without Breaking The Bank

Sometimes all you need to revamp an old outfit is a statement necklace. The same goes for rooms; just think of the items in it as accessories. There is an abundance of ways to modify your home on a budget. Here are a few… Continue Reading “Update Your Space Without Breaking The Bank”