Month: April 2012

Watermelon Manicure

When it comes to nail polish, my philosophy is have fun with it. I change my polish a ridiculous amount of times during the week.  From neutrals to neon’s and everything in between, as you know, sometimes instead of one polish I like to… Continue Reading “Watermelon Manicure”

It\’s a Charmed Life

It\’s been one year since Kate charmed the world, and said I do to Prince William at Westminster Abbey.  Here is a stylish look back at the past year.      

Five Things

 {the floral arrangement that kept me bright and cheery this week} I am so excited that the weekend has arrived. Mine will be filled with setting up for my Kentucky Derby party next week which I am thrilled to be hosting again this year.… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Colored Denim 101

The denim section of stores have transformed into something right out of Rainbow Brite’s closet. The colored denim trend has endless possibilities, from neon to pastel and everything in-between. Here are my tips for looking your best in colored denim. • Look at colored… Continue Reading “Colored Denim 101”

Warm or Cool Undertone

If there is one thing that you should know about beauty (and it is life changing) it’s determining your skin undertones. When you know yours you are able to adjust the colors you wear accordingly to better suit you. In college one of my… Continue Reading “Warm or Cool Undertone”