Friday Five

 {new favorite hair style is a bow}
Welcome to the weekend! Friday is finally here and I felt like this week would never end. My parents will be here today to visit – I am so excited! I haven\’t been home in forever and my mum and I haven\’t gone on a shopping trip together in far too long…so hopefully some serious shopping will happen this weekend! What are your weekend plans?
 {salted chocolate chip cookies and milk}
 {cucumber lemonade}
 {already breaking out You Don\’t Know Jacques…. thinking fall}
{new cookies Enjoy Life Crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham}
made some s\’more brownies with these goodies! 

21 Comments on “Friday Five

  1. I wish I had enough hair for that hair style….gorgeous!I have heard that cucumber water is a huge hit at the spas. Of course, I've never been to a spa, but just repeating what I heard. I've never given thought to adding cucumbers to lemonade. What a creative idea….


  2. The cucumber lemonade sounds fabulous!!Good luck with your shopping trip. I'm sure you and your mom will have a great time catching up.We don't have much going on the weekend… thank goodness. A friend of ours is having a cookout tomorrow night and we are dog sitting for a friend. Hopefully we can do some relaxing!


  3. WHAT. Salted Chocolate Chip cookie?! I must have that recipe! Or do you just put salt on top of Choc Chip cookies? Do tell! I love any salty/sweet combo! And I cannot wait to break out Do You Know Jacques?!


  4. I almost peed my pants because I chose you don't know jaques when I was getting a pedicure over spring break and i loooved it and its name. LOOOOE ❤


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