Trend Watch: Feathers

From outfits to earrings and in your hair feathers are everywhere. This is a trend that has definitely taken over for 2011. I know I own multiple feather earrings and even have a feather extension in my hair. So I am definitely one who loves this trend. How do you feel about the feather trend?


20 Comments on “Trend Watch: Feathers

  1. I think its cute, although i wouldn't wear it in a formal workplace, i would feel awkward.


  2. I'm supposed to get feathers in my hair tomorrow! excited. I love how Jennifer's look!! the yellow is super cute


  3. I pretty much love feathers, anytime, anywhere. I am a big fan of feather dresses and feather shoes and of course the feather fascinators!


  4. I'm nervous about the feathers, especially as earrings. I also think they're going to get ripped out of my ear by mistake.


  5. I love feather extensions right now, and i think that jewelry is such a great way to go even more temporary! Love the earrings.xo


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