Month: April 2011

Healthier Easter Baskets

 Easter is coming up, and for those of you who celebrate and are also trying to watch your weight, this means another holiday of dealing with candy and sweets. The positive side is that there is no rule that says you have to fill… Continue Reading “Healthier Easter Baskets”

Baseball Fever

It\’s that time of the year again… baseball season. Are you a fan? I absolutely love baseball, being from Michigan I am definitely a Detroit Tigers fan! While in Victoria Secret I noticed that their Major League Baseball Pink collection has expanded, and gotten… Continue Reading “Baseball Fever”

Skinny Coconut Chicken

Skinny Coconut Chicken Ingredients  7 chicken tenderloins7 Tbsp. shredded coconut 1/4 c. panko3 Tbsp.  crushed Cornflakes3 egg whites Directions Combine coconut, panko and cornflakes in a dish.Whisk egg whites with a dash of water in another dish. Dip the chicken the egg, then into… Continue Reading “Skinny Coconut Chicken”

Island Escape

 {Electric Pineapple} Electric Pineapple is a yellow and lime green creme. This color is heavier on the yellow and I am absolutely loving it. This is definitely a color that will scream summer, and give your nails some serious attention. I am thinking this… Continue Reading “Island Escape”

Homemade Samoas Cookies

  Samoas Girl Scout cookies have always been my favorite. I only bought one box this year and they are already gone. So over the weekend I decided to make my own Samoas cookies. The apartment smelled like caramel all weekend. Homemade Samoas CookiesToasted… Continue Reading “Homemade Samoas Cookies”