going nude for spring

This spring is filled with a variety of wonderful trends from pastels and peach to classic nude looks. I have always been one who would gravitate towards a more natural looking lip, and finally this year it can be found everywhere. From the runway to celebrities and the girl next door everyone wants to score this look. Trends and fads will fad so here are my two favorite products for getting nude lips for less.

{Milani HD Advance Lipstick in Classy Nude & Color Perfect Lipstick in Sugar Rim}

Milani\’s HD Advanced Lipstick in Classy Nude will give you the perfect muted lip color and for only $7.99 it\’s a deal even I cannot pass up!
Milani\’s Color Perfect Lipstick in Sugar Rim will give you the muted look, but will also give you a touch of shimmer and glitter for about $4.99

31 Comments on “going nude for spring

  1. I love the oh so natural look! Especially on lips. I rarely buy lip products, but I may have to give into this one!!


  2. That is such a natural and pretty look:) Perfect for spring. Have a lovely day, my dearKissesPs: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY later today! Hope you’ll join in:)


  3. Did you write this for me?? I have been looking for a good nude lip color forever and I have spent a small fortune trying to find it! Where can you buy this?


  4. Great looks. The natural look is the way to go. I rarely wear makeup, but when I do I like it to look as natural as possible.


  5. I'll have to try this one. I get nervous with nude shades, but I think this is do-able.


  6. My favourite nude/light pink lipstick (which is my everyday lipstick) is MAC blush.Amazing colour, looks really good with a layer of MAC viva glam lip glass V


  7. The last one looks really cute! I've never heard of Milani… where do you buy it?


  8. Love this fad! I can pull it off way more than the bright red lips (as much as I really wish I could have red lips and not look terrible). xoC.


  9. nude lipsticks are my absolute favs too, but i have trouble finding good ones (i usually stick to my YSL #2)…but i will check this out 🙂


  10. Love the nude lip – actually \”nuding\” some of my brighter ones up, LOL:)Thanks for sharing – I'll look in to both these lipsticks:)


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