Flawless Mascara


Mascara lovers I have just discovered a product that you are going to wonder how you ever lived with out it.

The Lash Card, is a disposable \”card\”that has two curves which have been specifically designed to fit a variety of eye shapes.

So What\’s the point of the Lash Card? You hold it against your lashes while you brush your mascara through to curl and separate them. This trick has been used forever, however usually its with a business card…. which most likely has bacteria and other unpleasant things on it, and do you really want that on your eyes? These are for one time use, so no worries there just flawless perfect lashes.

 (the above pictures are not me they are off the Lash Card website)

You can get your very own Lash Card pack here for $5.99. Each Lash Card pack contains 10 cards.
Buy one for you, your best friend, your mum…seriously buy one for everyone you will be in love!!!


32 Comments on “Flawless Mascara

  1. I have never hear of this! Thanks for sharing! I will have to try! But for now I am having a hard time finding a mascara that I even like! Know of any really good ones?


  2. you have me totally curious to try this out!!!! i havent even heard of this!?!? glad you shared!<3 meganhttp://www.suitcaseandstilettos.com


  3. I'd never heard of a lash card before this… it if it works as well as it should it's BRILLIANT!Love the look of your apple salad! So green!!


  4. yes, i love that you call them dippy eggs. everyone thinks i'm crazy for saying that, but that's what we always called them growing up


  5. The food looks great! And I may just have to try the lash card! I actually quit wearing mascara altogether because of all the smudging!


  6. What a great idea! Putting on mascara is one of my least favorite activities (even though I wear it often) because it gets everywhere or ends up a clumpy mess :)Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog today!


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