Loco for Cocoa

{i\’m suzi and i\’m a chocoholic}

33 Comments on “Loco for Cocoa

  1. I almost had hot chocolate this morning which I never do. I'm not a big sweets person, but I got the kind enriched with vitamins so I'd drink it in the morning.


  2. mmm- so perfect when its chilly out ๐Ÿ™‚ That second glass looks amazing with the peppermint on top ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you're doing well! Sorry I've been MIA- I will FINALLY have a post up tomorrow morning


  3. I am such a choco- holic too!I have been buying Starbucks hot chocolate every day before work. It is like my morning mojo! LOL Even in the summer :)~Romantic Savy


  4. Very cool polish! I love hot cocoa I bought heart shape pink marshmallows to put on mine all week long leading up to V-day!:)


  5. I am *always* craving fries. Thanks for the tip about the ear plugs, I am going to look for them this week because I get ear infections all of the time! Thanks, lady!


  6. Mmm hot chocolate sounds so good right now…especially since it is freezing outside! And I am really liking that nail color. I've been on the search for some darker nail polishes that aren't iridescent at all, but matte.


  7. Love the name of the OPI color, HA!This post made me laugh…the other night I decided to wear one of my old, satin, SHORT nighties to bed bc I was out of clean PJ's and I was SO hot. It was hilarious. I had to ear shorts with it, still fit except for the belly. So funny. Sure my hubby was REALLY turned on (not) ha.


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