Month: February 2011

Who wore it best…Oscars 2011

{Reese Witherspoon} I am not a huge fan of her dress however her hair and makeup are both my absolute favorites. {Mila Kunis} Loved her makeup, and I didn\’t love the boob covers sticking out. I loved the dress color against her skintone. {Anne… Continue Reading “Who wore it best…Oscars 2011”

the at home Oscar party

In college my roommate was obsessed with celebrity gossip, and I was obsessed with celebrity beauty and fashion. Put those traits together and every year we were able to throw the biggest and most fabulous Oscar party on campus. Since the Oscar\’s are tomorrow… Continue Reading “the at home Oscar party”

Five Things

   {LORAC Hot & Spicy} I absolutely love bronzer and peach looks best against my olive complexion. So LORAC Hot & Spicy which is a peach shimmer and a light bronze shimmer is my absolute favorite blush and bronzer.  {Perfect Formula\’s Daily Moisture} I… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Flawless Mascara

  Mascara lovers I have just discovered a product that you are going to wonder how you ever lived with out it. The Lash Card, is a disposable \”card\”that has two curves which have been specifically designed to fit a variety of eye shapes.… Continue Reading “Flawless Mascara”

Cake Batter Bars

Cake Batter BarsIngredients1 box classic white or yellow cake mix 1/4 cup canola oil 1 egg 1/2 cup milk 1/4 cup rainbow sprinkles Directions Combine the cake mix, canola oil, egg and add the milk slowly. You want to have a dense batter. Mix… Continue Reading “Cake Batter Bars”