Month: January 2011

Five Things my Must Haves

  {Clipa Purse Hanger} Let\’s face it floors are gross and handbags are expensive…. at least mine are any way. I don\’t want my gorgeous bag to collect germs so I always have my Clipa attached to my handbag. Ladies the Clipa can hold… Continue Reading “Five Things my Must Haves”

Give your lashes some Va Va Voom!

 We all want those beautiful luxurious lashes like the celebrities have. For most of us the best lash extension and full mascaras don\’t come close to giving us the chic Hollywood lashes. So let me ask you this have you ever considered false lashes?… Continue Reading “Give your lashes some Va Va Voom!”

Home Decor

So I have been looking for some new items to decorate my home with. Here are just some awesome items I came across on the Pottery Barn website. What\’s your favorite store to find home decor items? xo

California Cheese Soup

California Cheese Soup1 can cream of potato soup or cream of mushroom1 bag California blend vegetable (broccoli, carrots and cauliflower)1/2 cup- 3/4 cups 75% reduced fat Cabot Sharp1/4 cup – 1/2 cup 50% Reduced Fat Cabot Cheddar Bring your cream of soup to a… Continue Reading “California Cheese Soup”

Five Things

{feminine nail polish collections. Zoya Intimates and Color Club Ulter Ego}{bangs especially wispy ones like Reese\’s} {Peach Leopard Brightening & Perfecting Bronzer}{pretty little liars}{luscious lashes}