Bright Tights

Colored tights are one of the chicest and most fashionable trends for fall. However it can be a bit tricky to pull off properly. Here is my rule of thumb for wearing colored/bright tights or leggings. You should always pair them with darker colors in order to let the tights stand out. My go to when it comes to colored tights is pairing them with a fabulous pair of black boots. I also love colored tights with a fabulous print free dress.

{anthropologie $12.50}
{betsey johnson $28.00}
{DKNY $14.5)}
{urban outfitters $14.50}

What do you think of colored tights? Love them or hate them?
Would you wear them?

29 Comments on “Bright Tights

  1. I had some leopard print ones when I was in school to wear with my all black uniform. I like to think it looked amazing. hahaxxx


  2. Those are fabulous. I couldn't pull them off at my age, but on a young woman they would be fantastic!Love 'em!Happy Halloween!


  3. Bright tights are SO FUN, I do not like the white though, channels a little girl too much for me, but COLOR ALL THE WAY!!!


  4. I love tights! I don't own any colored tights currently, but so want a pair, especially pink! I am on the lookout for a medium shade of pink 🙂


  5. These are so sweet and just perfect for fall. I love the bright colors – I don't know I could pull them off myself but I love seeing them – makes me happy :)Hope you've a terrific weekend!


  6. I love colored tights but nothing too bright. I am not a fan of printed tights but I do like ones with texture. I have black, brown, and gray but want to pick up a burgundy and navy pair! yay tights!


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