A Pop of Pink

Pink is my absolute favorite color, and if I am having an off day and lacking confidence there is one thing that will boost my self-esteem and bring back my poise instantaneously. What\’s my secret? Pink lip color… the hotter the better! Generally my face is bare from makeup besides mascara of course, this is because it\’s all about my lip color. I am usually not enthusiastic about lipstick. You see I am more of a lipgloss or lip stain kind of girl. So in order for me to wear a pink lipstick it better be out of this world.

I recently tried out a new pink lipstick, and let me tell you it is absolutely out of this world! It is by Hourglass Cosmetics which can be found at Sephora and let me just say you do not want to miss out on Femme Rouge velvet creme lipstick, their new fall lip line. This is the line that includes an out of this world bright pink lipstick called Fever!
Check out this absolutely gorgeous color! It is not waxy or heavy which is a serious plus in my book.

27 Comments on “A Pop of Pink

  1. i LOVE pink lips! My fave is Schiap by Nars! It was inspired by famed Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli because it was her signature color, and it's absolutely fabulous! It wears long too!! Try it out and post pics!


  2. Oh and I meant to say..if you like it lighter, Nars has a great Audrey Hepburn inspired shade of pink called Roman Holiday!


  3. I do like the idea of it, I just barely wear lipstick, or makeup period for that matter, and probably wouldn't be brave enough to try.


  4. im always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to the new lipstick trends. I have pretty dark hued lips naturally so i tend to wear a lot of sheer lip glosses or light brown ish hues. I only recently wore a bright red lipstick… maybe next year i will brave the pink LOL


  5. I don't think I could ever pull it off with my coloring, but I like how it looks on Katy Perry!Jenhttp://jenslosinit.blogspot.com/


  6. i dont really like pink but i am OBSESSED with pink lipstick.. and to a lesser degree nail polish <3your pink lips are looking hot, and the head band is so adorable! you're such a cutie. sephora has some great cosmetics and their nailpolish is by far my favorite.. dried quickly and really is resistant to chipping!xoxo


  7. I LOVE PINK lipstick!!!!!!! I have to get a realy hot shade soon!YAY your going to GAGA too!!! Where are your seats?! Would be cool to run into you, I know that will be slim to none, its going to be crazy there!!!! We will be on the floor! Im taking my younger sis!!!


  8. I love pink lips. I wear them and instantly feel prettier. I just bought \”watermelon\” by clinique which is really nice. I love the pink that you show. It's really pink, but that's fun!


  9. Whoah! Amazing factt! I've never thought of that before how long it would take me to burn that piece of gum while chewing.


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